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Spectre XS Plus Intermediate

Snowbee Spectre XS Plus Intermediate

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Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line - Intermediate

  • Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line choice WF# 5,6,7,8
  • Intermediate 2inch per second
  • Total Length Head 47ft
  • 7ft Front Taper
  • 32ft Line Belly
  • 8ft Rear Taper
  • Running Line 73ft
  • Weight Forward Profile -Total Length 120ft
  • Welded Loops
  • Two Colour fly lines to identify the perfect loading point for optimal casting. Intermediate Ghost / Chartreuse.

The new Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line series has been purpose-designed for amazing casting even in the hands of less experienced fly fishers. For many years the XS floating fly line has been a flag ship product for Snowbee with perfect profile and memory free presentation. Now with the development of Nano Coating technology Snowbee have not only improved all their fly lines, but they've been working to produce a new XS-Plus Spectre fly line, with a profile that can produce equally effortless, but longer casts without having to be a tournament caster.