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About Us

Fasnaflyfishing was founded in 2013 in the town of Vaassen in the Netherlands. Fasna was the name of our village when it was founded in 891 AD, a name that Vaassen residents are very proud of. 

I have been a passionate fly fisherman since childhood. After being sponsored by G. Loomis / Shimano, I was given the opportunity to convert my passion and dream into an initially webshop from the garage in my house. Soon the space became too small and I was able to rent a physical space from the local ice cream maker in Vaassen. In 2020 even this space became too small and I was able to find a nice space in Vaassen. After some adjustments, I was able to create a nice shop on the Stationsstraat in Vaassen. 

I am very proud of our own production line of the Fasna hooks. Setting up our hook line was born out of necessity, in connection with gaps in the market. Our own brand was later expanded with our own tungsten, dubbing, booby eyes, gelcore, feathers and we are far from ready and expanding and developing. 

Fasnaflyfishing is a young company / brand that is now gaining international fame and is already available at many stores around the world, including many countries in Europe, USA, South Africa, Canada. From our webshop we can send our products to any country in the world. You can also visit us at the fly fishing fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Ireland where we are always present with our shop. 

I hope you share my passion for fly fishing and I look forward to seeing you in my shop in Vaassen, through my webshop or the fly fishing fairs that we visit. 

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