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Snowbee XS Plus - Roll Cast

Snowbee Snowbee XS Plus - Roll Cast

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Snowbee EDR-F XS-Plus ED Roll-Cast Fly Line, this new Long Belly Roll-Casting fly line is a specialist twin colour fly line primarily developed for lake fishing, where distance is required but little or no back-cast may be available.
The Snowbee EDR-F XS-Plus ED Roll-Cast Line is a floating line which has been constructed using a 60ft long 'Spey' style head with a steep rear taper and a long front taper, with a 60ft running line behind it, for exceptional casting performance in all situations. For many people 60ft is ample distance and this can be achieved with a simple roll cast now and no back cast necessary. With practice and time however, the technique pioneered by Italian fly casting legend Edgardo Döna, can also draw on the reserves of running line and produce extreme distances without the need for a back cast!.
Overhead casting is possible, when used from bank or boat but for optimum performance the head is so weighted that it best casts off the surface of the water rather than time consuming and labour intensive overhead. This means the line is perfect for performing below a dam-wall or tree lined margin for example, or of course when Sea Trout fishing at night or any situation where a back cast can be fraught with risk of snagging and lost fishing time.
Awarded ‘Best New Fishing Product at the Tackle and Gun show and ‘Tackle Testers Choice’ in Trout Fisherman, this new concept in fly line design is sure to be turning heads with its remarkable capabilities.

Snowbee EDR-F XS-Plus ED Roll-Cast Fly Line :
Colour: Buckskin/Hi-Viz Yellow
Available in three sizes: #6, #7 and #8 all Floating