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Gummy Chenille 15mm

Textreme Gummy Chenille 15mm

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The new 15 mm. Gummy Chenille is made with a very shiny elastic that gives it a rubbery and deceptive effect for the fish which does not perceive it as a synthetic material. The effect is further amplified by a special silicone treatment during dyeing. The elastic hairs are tied to the base with a special synthetic fiber that gives the right stability during the tie, making the elastics remain well stretched and in position. The core is made with last generation materials that, as far as possible, bind the hair fibers retaining them at their best, avoiding their loss during tie and fishing sessions. In case you tie it like squirmy or worms, we recommend to slightly glue the end to make it more robust to fish attacks. The 15 mm. size is perfect for Blobs and for bodies of big streamer.
– 2 meters cardboard