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Drifter Kickboat

Guideline Drifter Kickboat

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In addition, each of the two bladders have double air compartments for floatation and extra safety. The front of the boat has a mesh bottom that acts as a storage area for extra gear carried in a waterproof bag and there are several D-rings, straps and double storage pockets on each side to keep essential tackle close to hand.

The Drifter comes with the bladders mounted and ready for use. It has a smart pocket configuration, Velcro rod holders, larger line apron with Velcro fastening, metal D-rings, non slip fabric on seat edge and a a grey/hot red/black color combination.

Weight: 8kg.
Max loading capacity: 140kg.

When you pump up your Drifter for the first time, the pontoons have a tendency to twist. Take it a little carefully and make sure that the valves are centered in each hole. Do not fill valve 1 to max and then valve 2 to max. Valve 1, which is the middle security chamber, fill it so it is firm but not hard. Most of the air is pumped into valve 2, which is the main main chamber. Do not fill the float ring with more air than you can easily push your finger about 1 cm down into the pontoon. When it is warm outside, the air expands and makes the pontoons considerably harder. If you forget your float on land in the sun, the pontoons can explode. Empty your float on at least half of the air if you store it outdoors in the sun and heat.