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Delicate Presentation

Snowbee Delicate Presentation

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  • Ultra-slick, memory free, XS Nano technology coating
  • Long, shallow front taper for supreme presentation
  • 16ft belly allows effortless roll-casting, in tight spaces, on a river
  • Continuous rear taper for effortless accurate casting at any range
  • Full range of weights from WF#0 - WF#7
  • Colour: Pale Olive

This line was originally designed for Thistle Down like presentation on rivers but if anybody thought that rivers were the limit with this line they would be mistaken. The Continuous Rear Taper (CRT) profile has surprised many when demonstrating and on still waters where dry fly casting, using the #5 to #7wt versions, has proved effortless in performance too.

Originally conceived as a river line, the long, shallow front taper, provides the most delicate presentation, whist the 16ft parallel belly, allows effortless roll-casting in tight conditions. The Continuous Rear Taper, makes this line unique and a hybrid between a traditional weight forward & double taper profile.