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Camou Leader

Soldarini Fly Tackle Camou Leader

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Soldarini Fly Tackle Camou Leader 9 ft

Due to its length of 9 ft (3,65 m) this ‚Camou Leader‘ by Soldarini Fly Tackle is highly universal. It can be used for both tight line nymphing techniques (e.g. Euro Nymphing) and dry fly fishing.

It is made from a special multicolored monofilament (black, green, brown) for less light reflections. That means you can fish at close range even in sunny conditions. Stealth mode on! It has nearly no stretch, shows high abrasion and no memory! The advantages are obvious: The smallest nymphs can be presented very precisely und it’s easer to get in touch with your nymph close to the river bottom. Much better than with ordinary leaders!

It has a total length of 9 ft. which makes it to a allround nymph leader for many different techniques. At the same time it is a great dry fly taper und turns over the smallest flies smoothly. The leader is tapered down from 0.50mm. 

When fishing with dries only we recommend to choose the thin tip diameters. As an allrounder the bigger diameter works perfectly fine. It can be combined with a sighter/two-tone indicator without any problem.